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Thrifty Thursdays! February 25, 2010

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I know scrapping is hard in a bad economy, but here is a tip for saving money while still being able to make your pages look better than ever! The thrifty tip for today is:

Using the ribbon or strings from your hangup clothing. I buy many tops that have the ribbon or string in the sleeves in order to keep it on the hanger. But one, I find them annoying and two, normally I don’t even hang them up. If this sounds like you, let your clothes be your scraping supplies! Just cut them out and put them with your ribbon stash. If you have any more tips about ribbon or how to make your clothes work for scrapbooking let us know! Thanks for reading!

Oh! and….

In honor of Thrifty Thursdays I have put up the Whimsical Mini Chipboard Album kits for 25% off!!! but hurry because it is only for today and there are only three available!!!


3 Responses to “Thrifty Thursdays!”

  1. Amy Beaver Says:

    Helloooooo, coming to check you out from SSC! Cute blog you have going here! And I have some tips for scrapping from your clothing too! I save big tags! Alot of times my clothes come with these ginormously large tags, decorated or not, hung with ribbons or jute…I save them and use them! Either I decorate it myself or use it as is. Jeans especially tend to have large tags, I find lots with a vintage style to them! It is very thrifty, its FREE TAGS! Who doesn’t love free!! Also, old clothes=FREE BUTTONS!! NEVER throw away a shirt without taking the buttons off first! Not nly are they exspensive to just buy but alot of the time old clothes have WAY awesome buttons on them! So check it out next time becfore you just throw away that ratty shirt! Hope these little tidbits are helpful!

    Happy Scrapping!

  2. Pryn Says:

    Awesome blog! Love the idea of Thrifty Thursdays 🙂 Especially today’s tip….I find those strings annoying as well….perfect for cards! TFS!!!!

  3. Rebecca Leis Says:

    Thanks! Those are some great ideas!

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