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Made our first sale/ Tidbit Tuesday! May 4, 2010

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I am so excited! We made our first sale today!!!!!! I have to think of something to celebrate! I’ll get back to you ladies as to what…

Anyways our Tip today on making your craft projects looking amazing! Pool your resources! participate in swaps where you will trade products or other things you might like. If you trade your excess then you could get some amazing items. Participate in tag, ATC, fiber, any kinds of swaps, just make sure you know how much it’s going to cost you! ❤

ta ta for now!


Tidbit Tuesday April 20, 2010

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Sorry last week was kinda hectic for me but I’m back!!

This weeks Tidbit Tuesday tip in order to make your scrapping look amazing:
Look for inspiration in unusual places. Pick up Cosmo or Pride and Prejudice, etc. and look at what makes me you swoon over a pair of shoes or a lyric in your favorite song and try to capture it in your scrapping!

Ill try to put some examples up here soon my camera is out of order so I need to buy a new one.

Question: What would you ladies think of some challenges here. There would be incentives like prize. Let me know what you think!


Tidbit Tuesday March 24, 2010

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Sorry, I’ve been a little late with all the posts lately I’ve been very busy.

Anyways the tip for today is:

Think outside of the box. Your albums and cards will look more interesting if you use unusual materials and new ideas. Now, if you’re anything like me this may be hard but take a look on youtube or other sites and blogs for ideas. Use challenges in scrapping groups to try new color combination or techniques. Use tutorials to get more ideas.

Some new trends you may want to try are:

envelope mini’s, z-fold mini’s, box mini’s etc.

If you would like some idea let me know and I can send you some links of some really coll ideas.


Tidbit Tuesday March 17, 2010

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This is a little late… but tip for today is:

To make your scrapbooks better remember this – Texture, layer, shine.

Remember to add multiple layers to your pages. It will make it look more interesting. What I mean by this is to use photo mats, embellishments used 3d glue squares, or make die cuts 3d like lifting up the petals of a flower or the wings of a butterfly so it looks more natural. Also add texture! use different materials, like fabric, paper, color pencils, leather anything you can imagine!!! Sine is important as well give it some bling and interest by adding rhinestones or metallic paper!


Tidbit Tuesday! March 10, 2010

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Tidbit for today is:

When doing chipboard albums or chipboard embellishments finish the edges as well. Especially if you are doing it for a professional project or a gift. If not it looks cheap and unfinished…kind of like sewing a hem you need to do it otherwise it looks tattered. Let me know if this inspires you or if it was informative!


Tidbit tuesday March 3, 2010

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Todays tip:

Use anything around your house! use paperclips, old belts, old post cards, newspapers, old t-shirts (rip up and use like ribbon). Just be creative. I challenge everyone to think of some other stuff around the house just collecting dust!

Also take a look at the etsy site there are some good sales going on!


Tidbit Tuesday February 23, 2010

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This is the blog first Tidbit Tuesday! This section is going to be dedicated to little tricks and tips about scrapbooking that will make you inspired to make lovely pages.

Recently I’ve been surfing the blogs and communities and I’ve seen a couple posts about journaling. For the beginners out there, journaling may be a daunting task, unless your naturally an eloquent writer. So some tips Ive gathered in my scrapping journeys include:

Chose a song title or lyrics- i.e. for my prom page I titled it “One night only” from the movie Dream Girls. (I must say I’m a sucker for the musicals)

Grab a photo and just list random words that remind you of the picture subject. So for example if I had a picture of my cat I would put words like “diva,” “cutie patutie,” and “adorable,” etc.

If You are more into writing paragraphs, just write the history of the pictures and what you felt while taking them or experiencing what is it the picture. Remember journaling is suppose to enhance what you remember.

Hopefully this will help some of you! If you have any additional tips or would like to ask any more questions feel free to comment!

P.S. I am going to start posts on Thursdays entitled “Thrifty Thursdays” and in honor of Thrifty Thursdays I will put one Item on my Etsy site on sale for 25% off the original price (not including shipping). Thanks for following everyone!